Braintree for Woocommerce

Why Isn’t My Donate Form Appearing

Ensure that you have entered the short code [[braintree_donations]] on the page that you want
the donate button to appear on. If you are still having issues, make sure the page is not part of a .php template file

I Can’t Enter My Production Keys

If you cannot enter your API keys for your production environment, ensure you have activated your license.

Does The Braintree Payments Plugin Support Woocommerce?

Yes, Braintree Payments integrates with Woocommerce. You must enable the Woocommerce integration
setting on the Woocommerce Payments page. Once you have enabled Woocommerce integration, you can determine the type of payment form that will display on your checkout page.

Why Am I Receiving A Wrong Merchant Account Message?

This message is indicating that you entered an incorrect Merchant Account Id in the config settings. The Merchant Account Id is not to be confused with the Merchant Id.